Freud / Фройд (1984)
Драма Исторически Биографичен Европейски Сериали
6 x 60 мин. 7.7 17 390

Freud / Фройд (1984)
Година: 1984
Държава: Великобритания
Жанр: Драма, Исторически, Европейски, Филми
Режисьор: Moira Armstrong
Участват: Alison Key, Suzanne Bertish, Michael Pennington, Michael Kitchen, Dinsdale Landen, Anton Lesser, David Swift, Peter Birrel, Helen Bourne, Raymond Brody, Jeremy Clyne, Claire Davenport, David Hatton, Peter Jeffrey, Miriam Margolyes, Kerry Shale, David Suchet
Времетраене: 6 x 60 мин.
IMDB Рейтинг: 7.7 /10 ,

David Suchet won a Royal Television Society Award for his portrayal of the great psychoanalyst in this six-part BBC mini-series. Filmed in Australia, New York and London. This series examines Freud's complex life, his groundbreaking work, and his relationship with patients.
Freud is a richly textured character study of a complex man. Early on, Freud is depicted as an ambitious young neurologist who champions the medical use of cocaine. But he soon turns to treating psychosomatic illness and is shown interacting with an outlandish patient, an ugly, wealthy baroness who is romantically attracted to him. One of the best things about the miniseries is the artful way it shows Freud developing his big ideas, such as the unconscious mind, sexual desire, repressed memories and dream interpretation.

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